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Our well qualified and experienced consultants and experts are assigned for the thorough inspection of the application at various stages making the process reliable

Sourcing method

a.     Internal Source/Records

Owing to our extensive client list and the nature and scale of projects we have been and are associated with, we have several candidates registering themselves with us every day, via our online career portal, fax, e-mail or by walk in. This information is collated, sorted and saved in a professionally managed and updated databank that provides a vast source of resources that can be easily accessed.

b.    External Sources

For specific client requirements, we regularly advertise in the leading local newspapers after getting the required documents for Labor Ministry permission i.e., after obtaining the pre-approval letter from labor department. Responses we receive from these exercises undergo a preliminary short listing. After publishing it in daily newspaper their data are entered in FEIMS (Foreign Employment Information Management System) system and the record are kept manually. Candidates are then contacted and asked to come in for an assessment by our technical consultants.

Communication with Candidates

As we received the demand letter, demand highlights are developed in Nepali Language, for the understandability of potential manpower. PR personnel communicate to all those candidates who has listed their name in our database (Potential and Existing). Phone, Email, Message, website and social media shall be used as a communication mode according to their effectiveness. Record of communication (sent and received message) are recorded or marked. The organization have created a comprehensive local marketing database where local candidates, inquiries are recorded in organized way.

We request candidates to provide their details through emails and keep records, but no original passports or any other original documents will be kept by us. We do not hold any personal documents and belongings of candidates.

Application Collection

All the job application through any means of communication like email, courier etc.  will be collected and accepted. Unsigned copy of employment contract in English and Nepali will be provided to applicant through any convenient means of communication. If the applicant keeps interest to know more about the job, benefits, roles, & process, PR department will provide full information. PRO team will inform to applicant for interview with detail process and time. Zero Cost Policy will be explained to them.

Methods of authenticating applicant qualifications

Applicant Qualification are verified with the various educational institute they belong to. This ensures that the candidates selected based on their qualification and experience can cope with the job requirement, if not exceed expectations.

Interview and selection of Candidates

·       Employer representative will conduct the interview session unless employer give us authority of taking interview.

·       If we have the authority of taking Interview, we make sure there is no discrimination and workers are selected based on their education background, working experience and fit for the job.

·       The anti-bribery policy is strictly followed and we make sure that receiving and giving any cash, goods or service in return of selection is prohibited.

·       Both Selected and unselected applicants are informed about the result of selection process.

·       If the unselected applicant wants to know the reason behind not being selected actual reason and information will be provided.

·       All the selected candidates will be provided with copy of employment contract both in English and Nepali and also verbally will be explained to them.

·       Again, Zero Cost Policy will be explained to them.

Testing for Engineers, Supervisors, Foreman, Technicians & Skilled Workers

For the above categories, we have implemented a stringent aptitude and attitude test that includes a technical questionnaire. Candidates are required to score a minimum of 75% on this test to qualify for the next round of assessment. This ensures that the candidates we select have a high level of proficiency in their respective fields, assuring clients of quality standards we conform to.

Screening & Short-listing by Technical Consultants

All screening and assessment for databank or final round of interviews is conducted by our highly experienced technical consultants and if required, candidates are sent for trade-testing. Short-listed applicants are graded on their professional and general knowledge, presentation and attitude.

Final Selection by Clients

Once candidates have been selected for the final round of interviews, their applications are presented to client for final selection. If required, we can carry out the final selection process on behalf of client, based on a detailed brief on requirements from the client. Our selection process follows rigorous theoretical and practical trade tests, ensuring that candidates are qualified only on merit. Official trade test reports can also be provided if required.

Immigration Security Clearance (ISC)

Selected candidates are informed by PRO for ISC with full of information like – where to go, what is process, what are the requirement, why it is needed. Time duration and the cost. PRO will collect the report of ISC from candidates

Medical Examination Facilities

We undertake conducting the necessary medical examinations for candidates and doctors are registered with medical institutions that are approved by the consulate of the country that the candidate is recruited for. This minimizes paperwork for our clients, making the recruitment process more convenient.

Mobilization Period

A minimum of two weeks is required, to mobilize candidates after selection and receipt of visa for actual deployment. Your visit in our office for more information will be highly praised