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Correspondence & documentation department will forward list of candidates who have cleared both ISC and Medical to the recruitment company along with required attachment. The company will then issue calling visa and courier it to recruitment agency. Once received candidates are asked by PRO to confirm for final VISA processing. If confirmation is received from candidates, documentation department will proceed for VISA stamping from concerned embassy. Embassy in charge will submit Passport for VISA stamping and collect it from One Stop center (OSC).

Visa Processing Steps

1.    Endorsement of VISA / NOC: Recruitment agency will arrange for obtaining Visa / NOC from concerned embassy on receipt of authenticated Power of Attorney from the employer.

2.    Government Clearance / Immigration Clearance: Recruitment agency obtains immigration clearance for the expatriate from the concerned authorities at the earlier.

3.    Ticketing: If Pre-paid Ticket Advice (PTA) is not provided by the employer, recruitment agency will arrange for tickets for the expatriates through its allied / approved travel agencies.

4.    Orientation: Candidates who got VISA stamping are advised to join orientation class provided by the Nepal Government authorized centers. PRO will provide all the information – Where to go, how must cost, require process and documents. Orientation is most important factor for adapting the conditions there going to serve in, in all cases. The concern orients them to maintain understanding and cordiality among themselves, overcoming barriers of nationality, language and culture and above all, to abide the law of concerned country of foreign employment. It orients them to maintain a good employee-employer relation under any circumstance. They are motivated to mind their duties above everything and that a better performance only would bring them the envisaged benefit.

5.    Foreign Employment Term & Life Insurance and Foreign Employment Welfare Fund: Liaison department will do foreign employment term life insurance and payment of welfare fund of all the confirmed candidates whose visa is stamped for foreign employment.

6.    Final Approval: Flight Department will take confirmation from candidates for next process. Once confirmation is received from candidates, flight department forward the final approved list of candidates to Liaison Department. Liaison department will prepare the documents as per checklist and will upload the documents on feims.dofe.gov.np. Labor department officer will submit hard copy to Labor Department of Nepal Government. Once the Final approval is received, it will be informed to candidates and also to the employer for the confirmation of deployment date.

7.    Flight Preparation: Flight department will confirm the date of deployment and will again reconfirm the flight process with the candidates. On obtaining final confirmation, candidates are informed for deployment date & time. If any candidates were found being victim, then corrective action will be taken immediately. Flight department will prepare all the documents of flight candidates as per checklist.

8.    Replacement: Any candidates technically found unfit within one month from the date of arrival, will be replaced free of all charges as per contract including air ticket if already paid by foreign employer or the amount involved will be refunded to foreign employer if Visa is not available or will be adjusted against recruitment agency account with employers. This replacement is not applicable in case where the selection of foreign employee is made by foreign employers itself. Hence, recruitment agency doesn’t stand for any technical guarantee.